Photo Editor portfolio

Editorial & Ecommerce photo editor with experience in photo researching, producing, photography and image management. I’m experienced in organization, team work, and managing multiple publications in a deadline-driven industry. Collaborative and intuitive when working within a team environment as well as passionate in creating amazing work while being able to stay within a budget. I love photography, design, music, fashion and traveling.

I’ve been working for Rolling Stone, Vice, Musikexpress, Me.Style, Me. Movies, Favorite-Picture, Impossible Project and Polaroid Originals.

15 summer issue.png

ME.Style Spring/Summer 2015

Januar+2015+1_BINARY_670197-940x560+copy copy.jpg

Musikexpress January 2015

2015 ME-MOVIES-Cover-16-9-Relaunch-992x560+copy copy.jpg

Me.Movies January 2015

July 2014 01101+copy.jpg

Rolling Stone July 2015

Octo 2014 1_BINARY_638403-940x560+copy.jpg

Rolling Stone October 2014

March 2014 01109+copy.jpg

Rolling Stone Collectors Issue Paul McCartney March 2014

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8_BINARY_613749-940x560 copy.jpg
5_BINARY_638407-940x560 copy.jpg